About Me

Hello !

As you all know that my name is Risca and i was born in 1994. Maybe you can call me a dreamer, just because i like to imagine some kinds of conditions through my mind which are not really going to happen. Lol.

I love to read (mostly everything) and maybe this is why I’m a dreamer (?). Also like *maybe* most of the girls in this world, i love to eat but i don’t want to be fat which in reality I’m a chubby kind of girl. Lol.

I’m majoring at architecture major when i was in university. That till now, i don’t know why i took that major. lol. So, maybe in this blog you’ll find some post that related to it. (i hope)

So, my blog’s content are my favourites things in my life, like beauty, travel and also foods. All post that i made here are based on my own opinion, that you guys all know that everyone’s opinion can be different to others. And last but not least, just keep reading, guys ! ^^

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