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Hello, guys !

Eyebrow…eyebrow. It’s been an important thing for women, isn’t it?  I think so, even for me too. lol

We’ve been in an era when “eyebrows on fleek” can be your mood booster and backwards. lol

So, in this post i will write about one of eyebrow make up that literally booming nowadays, eyebrow gel. The one I tried was from Elf.



– The Packaging –

As always, Elf packaging is so simple, with black doff base (which i quiet like about Elf packaging) and doesn’t look cheap in my opinion.


– What’s inside, except the brush –

It’s a small transparent jar, that you can look it’s very simple, right? 🙂

By the way, this product can be use as an eyebrow gel and also eyeliner, that i found that it was interesting. I decided to try the medium brown, because my intention was for eyebrow, not eyeliner. So i chose the colour that i thought will suit my eyebrow.


– Swatches on my hand –

I tried to swatch it with my brush and turned out that the colour was okay. I mean it is not too dark or too light for me.


– After put my make up on – 😛
*i used this product for brows and my water line*


– A closer look –

I know that it’s not too “eyebrows on fleek”. lol. I just want it to be more natural to my look, so i put it not too thick and bold.

Ps : for eyeshadow i use, i’ve review the product here 🙂

My Overall Review :

Pros :

  • Affordable price, about IDR 100.000
  • Not 100% waterproof and smudge proof, but it sure last long as your eyebrow or eyeliner
  • The pigmentation is good
  • Easy to blend and work with

Cons :

  • Doesn’t come with a brush
  • I found it less pigmented to use as eyeliner (or maybe it’s just me?)

Overall, i think that it is a good product 🙂


So, that’s the end of my review. Hope you guys enjoy it and see ya in my next post. Don’t forget to subscribe me by simply enter you email at newsletter column.

Happy Reading ♥

*this review is based on my own opinion that can be different from yours 🙂

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