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Hello, guys !

So, in this post i will write about my last holiday to New York city. Basically, i just write about place i’ve visited and things i did, and i just wanna share my experience with u guys, so just keep reading (this post will be a long one, hope you guys aren’t get bored) ♥

1. Visiting Iconic Site

As you guys all know that every country, every place and every city has their own iconic site that probably the most must visit place when we go there. Yap, that was the things i did when i was in New York.

  • Liberty Statue at Ellis Island

Finally i made it to visit this super iconic statue !! No words can describe how happy i was since i just can see it from books, movies or even internet.


– with my sis ♥ –
  • WTC Building and WTC Memorial

I believe that everybody know about this building. I just curious about this building and decided to visit, to see how the real building looks like. The access to get there was so easy, even for a foreigner like me (yes, i went there alone), just took subway from where you live or stay.


– Just love the building, what it’s look like and you can feel the greatness –


– The WTC Memorial –

There also a museum called 9/11 memorial museum, i really wanted to go there, but there was a really crowded line up at the moment, so i couldn’t visited the museum 🙁

  • Wall Street

Yayyy, i finally went there after visited Liberty Statue, not many things to do here. I just took pictures, looked around the building and the crowds, but i was really really happy. ♥


– Wall Street – *yeaayyy

2. Strolling Around Downtown Manhattan

A must visit area when you get a chance to go to New York. There are so many things to to do there, that you won’t get bored even you’re a full day visit and stroll around Downtown Manhattan.

  • Time Square

The super famous time square that always busy and crowded by people. You can just go there to shops, chillin’ or just to admire the lights of the building.


– Time Square at Night –
  • Rockefeller Center

At first, i didn’t really know about this, just because my sister told me to visit this place, i went there and i wasn’t regret at all. I was amazed about all the buildings around, the architecture, and any other things (you can even play ski at the provided ski arena). I literally felt that i would love this city by looking at it. ♥


– Rockefeller Center –
  • Empire States Building

One of the tallest building in America and also a super famous building in New York beside the WTC. It’s a landmark building in Downtown Area, that we should stop by to take a look, take pictures or even go to the top. I planned to go to the top, but I couldn’t make it because of the terrible weather (i went there on winter). Just ahhh, i really want to go there. *sad


– Empire State Building, from across the street – 😛
  • Flat Iron Building

I was so happy *again* that i was able to visit this building, even just from outside the building. ♥ I just found that this building is unique in architecture and form aspects. Just wondering why the building was designed like that and what was the idea? :p (if you guys know it, just tell me, comment down below ♥)


– Me, in front of Flat Iron Building –
  • Chillin’ at Bryan Park

When you’re tired, when you’re just want to chill, enjoying New York view, just visit this park. It’s near the times square, so you just have to walk to go there. I love the atmosphere there, it made you felt calm, even it was so cold when i went there. Not just to chill around, but you can also played ice-skate there (they provide ski-arena in winter)! *wow


– Super love the atmosphere –
  • Grand Central Terminal

I’ve never thought that a terminal would be this big and amazing like this (Thank God my sis brought me here ^^). Not just a terminal, there was also a food court kinda like that sells so many foods and drinks.


– Pardon my messy hair & the quality of the photo – 😛
  • Visiting Brooklyn by Brooklyn Bridge

I know that its not in Manhattan area, but to go to Brooklyn Bridge, you can went there from downtown area. From downtown, just walked to get there to Brooklyn Bridge and walked across the bridge to Brooklyn. It’s a bit far, but my sis and i did it 😛


– Walked out with these crowd –


– NYC from Brooklyn – ♥
  • Enjoying NYC View and Skyline

I love NYC, i love the city, the building, the architecture, i love mostly everything about this city. Just stroll around the city would make me happy 🙂


– How couldn’t I fall in love with this city ? –


– The Skyline to Enjoy – ♥

3. Eating Good Food

I always, like holiday, hang out, going somewhere, eating good food is a must. Who doesn’t love good food? lol. Here’s some good food i’ve tried in NYC.

  • Spot Dessert Bar

A small dessert cafe in downtown area that just only sell dessert and drinks. For the price is average (which in my opinion), not too pricey, not too cheap, but they serve good dessert and i love it ♥


– Matcha Lava Cake – super yum !!


– Something that i … forgot the name – *im sorry ><
  • The Halal Guys

I’ve already heard about this kind of meal and name in Indonesia, they called it The Halal Boys, but i haven’t tried them yet. So when my sis told me about this food, i was really excited to try. It has a huge portion (i finished that after 2 to 3 times eat by my usual portion) and has a cheap price, if i’m not mistaken, it was around $7 for one portion. A good deal for a food truck meal ♥


– It was super delicious ! – *just trust me. lol

Btw, when i was back to Indonesia, i tried The Halal Boys and turned out that i like The Halal Guys more. Kinda miss it.

  • Georgetown Cupcake

Finally !!! Got to try this super famous cupcakes. I knew this cupcakes from a television reality show and never thought that i’ll try this cupcakes tho. But, Thanks God i tried it 🙂


– Special that month : Red Velvet Cheese Cake –

I really really love the red velvet cheese cake. I bought one and it didn’t enough. lol. But, yeaaa because it was a special flavour, it wasn’t available everyday and when i came back there, the red velvet cheese cake wasn’t available again. *sad. It’s $3.25/piece. Recommended ♥

4. Visiting Museums

  • Guggenheim Museum

One of the museum that i really really wanted to visit since i’m at uni (i know it from my text book. lol), when in LA and decided to visit New York. It’s a famous museum designed by Frank Llyod.


– The Exterior –


– Guggenheim Skylight – ♥
  • Museum of FIT

I visited this museum just because i read it online and it was free from admission. Since museums admission there are quiet expensive, i gave it a try and turned out that i loved it. Especially, they had a special gallery themed Fairy Tale Fashion at the moment. (fyi, i want to be a fashion designer when i was a little kid, maybe that’s why i was excited to take a look)


– My ultimate fave gown by Dolce & Gabanna –
Wish that i could wear a gown like this on my wedding. lol
  • Museum of Modern Arts

I found that it was really crowded when i went there. It’s a huge modern museum, that not only arts exhibitions, but also architectural.


– Architectural Exhibitions at MoMA –
  • American Folk Art Museum

This museum is about a story of America in the past. You can take free tour inside to know more about the story. ps : all the souvenirs here are cute ♥


– Inside The American Folk Art Museum –


So that’s the end of this post. I really really sorry that this post is too long that maybe you’ll get bored when read it. SORRY. I’m thinking that maybe i should make it to two parts? (i will about think about it again) and have you read about my LA article? If not, you can read it here . Thank you guys and happy reading ♥

*please tell me by comment down below if you guys have an amazing experience there too ♥




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