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Hello, guys !

So in this post i will share my last holiday experience to Los Angeles, California. I don’t know all the interesting place there, but i will try to give the information well, based on the place i’ve visited and recommended to visit in my opinion. So please keep reading ♥

1. Hollywood

Probably the most famous and popular spot in Los Angeles. I’m sure (like 99.9% sure. lol) everyone that go to Los Angeles will visit Hollywood. Maybe for just strolling around Hollywood Walk of Fame, chillin with friends, family or relatives. Or maybe also visit other attractions there, like wax museum, ripley’s, guinness book of record and also Universal Studio Hollywood.



– Hollywood Walk of Fame –


– Universal Studio Hollywood  – w/ Broooo ♥

2. Get Your Vitamin Sea ! ♥

I’ve visited some beaches in Los Angeles, and i fall in love with all of them, like i can’t get rid of them in my mind till now ^^ The beaches i’ve visited are :

  • Santa Monica Beach Pier

I love love Santa Monica beach. It’s not like a regular beach like you just can see the sea, but you can also go shop there, play games like in a night market and there also have a rainbow that you can ride to look over the view ♥


– Games Area in Santa Monica Beach Pier –


– Santa Monica’s Beach View –
  • Redondo Beach

If you’re looking for eating good fresh seafood, it is the place! You can enjoy all the fresh seafood there, from fish to uni, they sell it all. Beside seafood, you can also enjoy any other foods from other restaurants.


– Super Blue Sea – Love ♥


– Fresh Uni $25 –
  • Venice Beach and Venice Canals

It’s my first far trip alone there. It takes me 3 hours from home to there with bus. lol. I don’t know why i decided to go there alone at first. I just searched on internet and i was just curious about Venice Beach. So yaaa, i went there !


– Venice Canals –

It was a shame that i went there on winter. The canals was receding. But can you guys imagine how beautiful it is when it’s on spring or summer? I guess you can 🙂


– Venice Beach –


– Marina Del Rey –

It was accidentally that i found this spot. Super love ♥ Just look how beautiful the sunset was and the view in this pier. It was like “Pantai Mutiara” in Indonesia, with more boat, more organize and peaceful. I’m thankful that i found it ♥

3. Eat Good Foods

I was on diet before i went there and since i arrived there, i just  could said bye-bye diet. lol. What i love to eat there was japanese food and korean food. Is it strange? It is! haha. I went to Los Angeles but i rarely ate western food because i found that it was not that addicting in my palate. Or maybe it’s just me??

  • Osawa – Pasadena

I’m freakin’ love the sushi there. They just sell authentic sushi and the chefs are all from Japan. They also sell fusion sushi and udon, etc but it’s just a few of them. The price is pricey compared to sushi restaurant in Indonesia, but the quality and the taste was spot on !! Super Love ♥ They may be looks simple, but when you taste it, you’ll definitely fall in love with them. Spent about $150 with my Bro and we’re not full. lol


– Look at That Beautiful Creation – ♥
  • Octopus Japanese Restaurant – Glendale

This restaurant has multiple outlets, but i tried one in Glendale area. If you’re looking for the cheaper price than Osawa, this might be your option. Besides my bro is working here, i really love to eat there because it has many variant of sushi, even the sashimi, fusion roll, appetisers, and any other japanese foods with way more affordable price.


– My Bro especially made this salad for me – ♥
  • Tsujita LA Artisan Noodle – Downtown LA

Best ramen i’ve ever tried when i was there. OMG! Just hoping and hoping that they open their branch in Indonesia *amen. It’s just a small ramen restaurant that serves ramen and drinks, but the foods tastes amazing in my palate. It has a long line everyday, and yes you have to queue.


– Char Siu Ramen for about $15 –
  • Komodo Food Truck

Some of you maybe think that it was really a food truck, but it isn’t. It just a small restaurant that serves you mostly the menu from a food truck. Then i heard that Komodo was really a food truck before they opened a restaurant. Ps : One the chef here is an Indonesian 🙂


– Tacos –

4. Visit Museums

I know that maybe not all of people like to visit museum, but i like it. I just wonder how were the museums there, i just very excited. But sadly, i just had a chance to visit two museums there and i already posted one the article about it (you can read it here ).

  • LACMA – Downtown Los Angeles

IMG_6440 copy

– LACMA’s Urban Street Lamp –
  • Griffith Observatory


– The Observatory Building –

It took me far away to reach the building. The building is placed on the top of hill and i walked there by my feet from the Griffith Park. Bad signal, couldn’t call uber and yaaaa, i decided to walk to the top. It took me almost one hour to walk up there. Sweating, tired, alone (you can feel me, right? lol) but it was paid off when i reached there. You even could see the hollywood sign from here. *lucky me for not gave up on the road*


– How Can You Resist The View Up There ? – ♥
  • The Broad and Petersen Museum of Automotive

I’m just so sad that i couldn’t even make it to visit this museum. I already went there, queued up for the ticket and it was sold out…….. so unlucky T___T but i will sure visit them when I’m back there.

IMG_4347 copy

– The Broad Museum –



– Petersen Museum of Automotive –


5. Big Bear

Actually i’ve already posted an article about this and you can read it here for more info and pictures that might be help you out to know more about this place.

IMG_4528 copy

– One of My Favourite View There –


So, yaa that’s the end of my post. Hope it will help you guys to give you some idea what to visit or plan to visit there. Sorry if the post is too long or maybe you’re getting bored when reading this :p See ya in the next post. Happy reading ♥

*ps : read my NYC experience here ♥

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