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My Day & Night Simple Skin Care Routine Using Neutrogena

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Hello, guys !

So, in this post i will share about my daily skin care routine, day and night time. Usually, i don’t take any skin care products to my skin, because i was too lazy to do it. lol. But, because i got my face allergic from my last holiday to USA, i started to care to my skin (especially to my face) more and searched for some products to heal my allergic. Then i found my hero…….



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 – My Neutrogena Products –

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– Neutrogena Naturals –

This products is a cream moisturiser that i really love the smell. It contains natural formula that can be use by all of skin type and won’t cause allergic. I bought this when i was still in USA and it costs about $13-17 before tax (i forgot the exact price). What i love from this products are it’s smell, it gives moisture to my skin and makes my skin look healthier. love love love ♥


– Neutrogena Acne Stress Control –

This product is a triple action tone that you should use before your moisturiser. It helps you to treat your acne, eliminates oil and refreshes your face. I also like it’s smell because it smells light and refreshing (i think it’s a cucumber smell kinda like, maybe? lol). It also gives you cool sensation after applying this product on all over your face. I bought this for around $7 before tax.

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– Excuse my bare face. lol –

The first step to do my skin care routine is washing my face using foaming cleanser. After i wash my face, i use my neutrogena toner and wipe it all over my face using cosmetic cotton just to make it easier to apply than using your bare hands. I can say that it’s a good acne toner, because when i had acne on my face, and i used this product, the acne was better at  the next day and gone in the day after 🙂

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– It also removes dirt even you’re already clean your face –

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– Applying neutrogena naturals –

Before i apply my moisturiser, i gently pat my face so my skin can adsorb the toner i’ve use then i start to use my moisturiser.

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– Just a little amount is enough –

By the way, i have normal to oily skin and yes of course my face can get oily sometimes especially in my T-zone, but i don’t have any dislikes to use this products, but everybody’s opinion can be different. For you who have oily skin, maybe you won’t like the moisturiser (or maybe you like it, i don’t know) because it can add more oil to your skin. Yes, it adds more oil to my skin, but since it gives me natural healthy look and also makes my skin feels smooth, i still love it.

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– After doing my skin care routine –
and again, excuse my bare face. lol

So that’s the end of this post, hope you guys like it and see ya in the next post.  ♥



*this review is based on my opinion and experience that can be different to yours, so don’t blame on me if it’s not same to you 🙂

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