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A Snowy Place in California : Big Bear

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Hello, guys !

I know that maybe some of you’d be surprise when read my post tittle. Snow? In California? Like…..really?? and YES, California has some spots to enjoy snow even though there’s no snow on winter there as you know that winter in Cali doesn’t as cold as winter in other states like New York or else.

Big Bear Lake is a unique mountain resort community that located 100 miles northeast of Los Angeles and surrounded by the San Bernardino National Forest. There, you can spend as much time as you want, because there were many spots to visit like public zoo, a nine-hole golf course, public campgrounds, snow play arena, restaurants, entertainment and lots of shops. It also has many places to stay.

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– Look at The Mountain –

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IMG_4487 copy

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– It snows everywhere –

It’s the first time i’ve gone to a real snowy place and i was so interested ♥ i love the view, how the snow covers all the ground and the road even though it was slippery and also cold.

IMG_4493 copy

– In Front The Shops –

In this side, the snow isn’t as thick as other areas, because all the tenants owner already clean up the snow, so all the visitors could walk comfortably to their shops.

IMG_4499 copy

– One of The Snow and Ski Arena –

IMG_4503 copy

– Me, In The Middle of Snow :p –

IMG_4506 copy

– Little Bear Lodge –

IMG_4511 copy

– Just Look at The Snow, So Relaxing and Breathtaking 🙂 –

IMG_4519 copy

– Just Play and Play !! –

I remembered when the picture was taken by my friend, my hands were frozen like i couldn’t even handle it. Even i’ve worn so many layer of clothes, i still could feel the cold and I were freezing, because not only the weather are cold, its also windy. Lol

IMG_4528 copy

– How I Love The View ♥ ♥ –

So, thats the end of this post. Hope you guys enjoy it and see you in the next post. Happy reading ! ♥

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