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A New Tea Spot In Pacific Place : Leaf Connoisseur

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Hello, guys !

So in this post, I’m gonna make a simple review for Leaf Connoisseur, a new tea spot in Galleries Lafayette – Pacific Place, Jakarta. Its a small and cute tea shop, that has specialities in tea.

This is really the first time i visited Leaf Connoisseur and I was really excited about it.

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– Front Side of Leaf Connoisseur –

I was become more excited after saw the design. I love the design theme, just because it just feel clean yet modern style. And for me, i think it is a good way to make people excited to visit this tea shop (or maybe tea salon)

IMG_7209 copy– The Tea Display –

Look how cool it is ! I just fall in love when the first time i saw them ♥ with that display design, i think you don’t just feel glamour with it, but also you can feel the exotic side of this tea salon. Super Love !

IMG_7199 copy

– The Dining Space –

Leaf Connoisseur doesn’t have many tables inside, but you can see it as a positive thing, because when you in there, the noise wouldn’t as loud as other place with many tables (maybe even if its a full house). But yes, when its a full house, you will have to wait a little bit longer if there’re many waiting lists 🙂

IMG_7217 copy

– Mango Green Tea –

For the tea selection, i chose the mango green tea. I have many things in my mind when i ordered it. I loooooveeee how it smells, it smells really good ♥ but for me, the taste is a little bit blend. And its not matter for me because i really like the smell of tea and mango.

IMG_7232 copy

– Appetizers –

Actually, there were three kinds of appetizers. In the picture, you can see the mini burgers and indonesian crocket (i just forgot the name :p), the other one is deep fried calamari. From that three kinds of appetizers, my fave one is that crocket, because the texture was so sooofttttt and full of flavour. Can’t get enough of it ♥

IMG_7227 copy

– Australian Beef Kalio –

IMG_7224 copy– Beef Oxtail Soup –

For the main course, i had australian beef kalio and beef oxtail soup. Honestly, I’m not a fan of oxtail soup, but for this one, i like it. For me, the seasonings are just right, not too salty or not too blend and the oxtail were so good. I don’t really prefer the australian beef, because for me its a little bit too salty.

IMG_7251 copy

– L’amour Panna Cotta –

IMG_7240 copy

– John Lemmon –

There’s always a room for dessert, is that right? IT IS ! lol. For dessert, i choose L’amour Panna Cotta and John Lemon. My ultimate favourite from all the dishes i’ve ever tried is the L’amour Panna Cotta. Its a basic flavour of panna cotta, but the texture it self is so soft and melt in your mouth, really love it ♥ For you who like a fresh and little bit sour kind of dessert, maybe you’ll like the John Lemon. Its a good dessert too, but i prefer the panna cotta one. 🙂

IMG_7252 copy

– Leaf Connoisseur Tea Bag Packaging –

It is cute, isn’t it? 😉 To get this for free, just upload your photos in instagram, tag the photos to @teaetal and use #leafconnoisseur. For you who are just curious why we tag the photos to tea et al, its because they were in a same company.

*By the way, i wrote this blog by my own opinion. I don’t get sponsored or paid, its just my very honest opinion*

So, thats the end of my post. hope you guys enjoy it and see ya in the next post. Happy reading ♥

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    July 18, 2016 at 9:40 pm

    Mau coba ini…

    Love, Leonita

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      July 18, 2016 at 9:50 pm

      ayukkk sis. pengen pannacotta nya nih

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