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Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) & Walt Disney Concert Hall


Hello, guys !

So this is my first post ever since i made this blog few months ago. Yes, i know thats a long time, but you know how hard it is to gather up a mood for making something. lol.

In my first post, i want to blog about my last holiday to Los Angeles – California.  I went there last January 2016 to visit my brother and also refresh my mind after graduate from architecture major in October 2015.

I went to so many interesting place there, and here’s one of them : Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). I know that many of you guys maybe don’t like to go to this kind of place, but trust me, this one is worth to visit 🙂

LACMA is one of the famous art museum in Los Angeles and the largest art museum in western United States, that located in downtown area at Wilshire boulevard, slightly opposite to Petersen Museum. For the general admission it costs $15 for adult or $25 for adult with special ticket exhibitions. Yes, you’re right that it’s a bit pricey, but..its worth the money 🙂

IMG_4279 copy

–  LACMA’s Interior –

By the way, LACMA has many buildings in one museum complex, that contains many different type of arts and region. For the detail, you can read it here .

IMG_4272 copy

 – Ancient Art Section in LACMA –

Collections at LACMA are contains of Asian art, Latin American art, ranging from pre-Columbian masterpieces to works by leading modern and contemporary artists, and Islamic art, of which LACMA hosts one of the most significant collections in the world, with a total of almost 130.000 collections.

IMG_4275 copy

– Asian Arts Section –

IMG_4267 copy

– The Coridor –

Just look at the skylight and the ambience. love it ♥

IMG_4289 copy

– A way to gallery in Japanese Art Gallery –

In this whole building, it took ramps to surround the gallery. And i personally love it, because it makes us and disables easier to visit this gallery without feeling tired.

IMG_4294 copy

– Japanese Art Gallery –

IMG_4300 copy

– A Garden Behind The Japanese Art Gallery –

Just love the garden, it made me feel fresh in that cold weather.

IMG_4304 copy

– The Yellow Curtain, selfie is a must ! – lol

*pardon my face :p

IMG_6439 copy

– The Super Famous LACMA’s Urban Light –

It took me back to this museum just to take pictures here in the night and in cold weather, just because the light are so beautiful 😉 (and its super crowded at night)

IMG_4333 copy

– Walt Disney Concert Hall –

Just right before i went home, i went to this famous concert hall. Walt Disney Concert Hall is not that far from LACMA, it just need one time bus ride and metro. And lucky me, my route to go home is thru this building. lol. Love love love Walt Disney Concert Hall design by Frank Gehry, its such an iconic building 🙂

IMG_4347 copy

– The Broad Museum –

The Broad Museum is located right beside the Walt Disney Concert Hall. I’m just curious about that museum (till now). I couldn’t go there because of my time limit and when i reached there some time after, the ticket was SOLD OUT 🙁 but i’m sure i’ll visit the broad next time !

So, thats the end of my first post. Hope you guys enjoy reading my post and see ya in the next post. Happy reading ♥

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    Cindy Tjahjadi
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    wuoooo. waiting for your next post!!


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      sure. thanks for reading 🙂

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